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Our Favorite Holiday Cookie Recipes

Peanut Blossom Cookies Holiday Recipe

My grandma’s peanut blossom cookies are a favorite holiday tradition. She always has a full tin of these mouth-watering cookies ready to share –  and my family can never get enough! The delicious peanut butter cookie pairs perfectly with the Hershey Kiss. To make sure you get the perfect results, press the Kisses firmly into the cookies just after removing from the oven ensuring that the base of the Kiss melts into the center of the cookie. This makes for the most delectable goodie possible. Happy snacking!

Gingersnaps In A Snap

Few ingredients ring in the holiday season more than spiced ginger and soul-warming cinnamon. These chewy ginger snaps strike the perfect balance of spice and sweetness and are quick and easy to throw together. They require ingredients you probably already have laying around your pantry, meaning you don’t have to brave the cold to go pick up items! So, throw on your favorite holiday or winter playlist, cast your gaze at the snow flurries parachuting gently onto the ground outside, and treat yourself with this simple recipe for a time-tested favorite.

Buttery Spritz Cookies

For some people, the challenge of extravagant Christmas Cookies is a welcomed seasonal feat. For others of us who aren’t so at home in our kitchen, the idea of six mixing bowls and weaving together different colored dough for perfectly crafted, peppermint sprinkled candy cane cookies is stress-inducing to even think about (or write about).

The Trick to Making the Easiest Cookies in the World

“Why can’t I find it anywhere?” I ask myself with frustration, as I try and fail to recover my mom’s handwritten recipe for what she considered the world’s easiest cookie to make, the one she would produce with aplomb and without warning. There was no pre-heating of the oven, no electric mixer whirring — merely a saucepan surreptitiously poised on the stovetop, a metal spoon, and a few ingredients that could be mistaken for those left in the wake of a hurried breakfast.

Chef Gina Veneziano Bakes Soft Amaretti Cookies

I am in full-blown holiday mode – and nothing says “holidays” to me more than baking cookies! Similar to my stuffing recipe from last week, I make this recipe year-round, but these Amaretti cookies really shine in winter time, resembling little snowballs, these puffs of goodness are heavenly!

G&H Reola’s Date Cookies

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