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Who We Are

Garden & Health showcases lifestyle, gardening, wellness tips, and content to make your life a little bit easier and a lot more sustainable. We draw inspiration from the conservation and preservation of America’s natural resources and beauty. From the heartland to the marshland, we tell the stories that really matter.

Our Team

Editorial Policy

Garden & Health aims to deliver great content that inspires and informs on a variety of topics, including food, health, and agriculture. As part of a new era of digital properties, we pride ourselves on creativity and storytelling. As we hire and build the next generation of writers, bloggers, videographers, and makers, our team remains dedicated to these core values:

  • Uplift readers / viewers / listeners by focusing on the positive — stories of hope, happiness, opportunity, and inspiration
  • Find and tell local stories and extract the lessons and themes that provide broader universal American appeal
  • Highlight the potential for a sustainable future through innovation and pragmatic solutions
  • Spotlight the unexpected stories that upend conventional stereotypes
  • Challenge Americans to seek Consensus rather than exploit divisiveness and division just for traffic

Read the full editorial policy.

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About Consensus
Digital Media

Consensus Digital Media, founded in 2020, is an independent media company producing uplifting content focused on building a more sustainable future. We cover lifestyle, business, the clean energy sector, capital markets, and more, telling stories of innovation from people and organizations doing good across the nation.

Our Team

Meet our dynamic team of digital content producers at Garden & Health.

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