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Our Favorite Gin Cocktails

Clover Club Cocktail

Originally made with Grenadine syrup, the modern take now eschews that for fresh raspberry syrup. The Clover Club is a great sipping cocktail that will elevate any summer gathering as it’s light and refreshing.

Lavender Tom Collins

We are offering a new take on a classic cocktail created as one of the best inside jokes in the service industry, the Tom Collins.

Rhubarb Gin Fizz

We’ve always loved a good Gin Fizz. They’re the grown-up version of the best lemonade you ever had, with a gourmet twist.

Smoked White Negroni

Amaros are complex and earthy, and a great balance of bitter and sweet. Added to a cocktail, they create depth, balance, and a rounded-out base flavor.

The Americano

The Americano is like the Negroni and Spritz had a child, and we all get to benefit from the pairing. The Americano takes the best of both of these cocktails and brings them together in a light, refreshing drink that you can sip all summer long.

Hanky Panky

As we step into Women’s history month, let’s raise a cocktail to the women who made cocktail culture what is today.

Capitol Offense

Equal parts gin, sweet vermouth, and Campari, this cocktail is all about selecting your ingredients carefully, so I went out and bought scores of obscure vermouths, exotic-sounding gins, and towering bottles of Campari.

Spanish Gin & Tonic

The Spanish-style G & T is a combination of different botanicals added according to the flavor profile of the gin, which is tied to the season you find yourself in (if winter is a good time to open the spice cabinet for some star anise and cinnamon), and what’s available in your garden.

The Garden Gimlet

Thankfully you only need a few ingredients to make a drink so refreshing and inviting you’ll be tweaking it for all seasons.

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