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Wellness Tip: June Is Men’s Health Month

June is Men’s Health Month. The men in our lives often need encouragement to go to the doctor and care for their bodies. This month is a great time to inspire them and for them to motivate themselves to start eating better, exercising more, scheduling appointments, and taking preventative measures to avoid severe diseases. 

Let’s start with dieting. Eating right is one of the best actions to take for our overall health. A steady diet of lean protein, complex carbohydrates, fruit and vegetables, and less fat and sugars can manage weight, improve blood pressure, and increase bone density. Cutting back on junk food and alcohol is some of the best ways to upstart eating well. Why not start in June and keep going from there?

Setting goals can help keep a healthy diet on track. If there’s a particular weight you’re trying to reach, use that as your motivation. Maybe you’re trying to gain muscle or have weight-gain goals. Working toward a personal record on the bench press or squat rack can keep you in the gym. It’s easier to start small and make your way forward, as more goals achieved means better benefits for your body.

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“It’s easy to start new programs but can be difficult to keep the momentum going,” wrote Dr. Matthew Strain of LCMC Health in Louisiana. “Include friends and family in your plans and activities, and encourage each other as you venture on to a healthier future together.” 

It’s essential to educate oneself about the most common male health problems. Not only will you be able to look for signs of diseases earlier, but you can also prevent them from worsening. The sooner men visit the doctor, the better chance of treating any underlying conditions. Check out the CDC’s website for more information. 

Many men don’t want to visit health professionals because of social stigma. Men are viewed in society as having to be tough, and success is more important than self-care.

That often deters them from seeking help, especially regarding mental health. This has created a stigma that is still prevalent today. However, encouraging your friends, brothers, and significant others to go to their checkups annually can save their lives. 

As a part of this encouragement, Wear Blue Day on June 16 allows us to show solidarity for men’s well-being. Wearing blue clothes or ribbons raises awareness about some of the most common male health issues, including testicular cancer, prostate cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular conditions, and gout.

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Testicular and prostate cancer are two of the most serious conditions men face. There are plenty of online guides with ways to reduce the chances of developing cancer. However, men must get exams done annually to test for these diseases.

Other fun ways exist to raise awareness about men’s fitness and well-being outside of wearing blue. You can plan a health fair to educate people about these problems and how to cut out unhealthy habits like smoking cigarettes. A sports day can encourage more physical activity and promote more nutritious eating.  

We need to look after the men in our lives because sometimes they are too preoccupied to do it themselves. June is the perfect opportunity to start doing so. 

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