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Wellness Tip: January Is Get Organized Month

Have you ever felt stressed by looking at your overcrowded workspace or disorganized closet? A cluttered space has a profound effect on our mental and physical well-being. This January, it’s the perfect time to clear out your old clothes, file your documents, and get your home in order. Get Organized Month is the ideal time to declutter your space. 

Stress Less

Organization reduces stress immensely. When you live in a messy situation, the number of objects taking up space can cause stress just by looking at the mess. Putting away things neatly, like putting your dishes in the right cabinets, hanging clothes in the closet, and deep cleaning, can reduce housework by 40%. Cortisol, the chemical responsible for spikes in stress, will also decrease. 

Sleep Better

Being more organized also helps you sleep better. If you have daily tasks, keeping an up-to-date calendar ensures you are completing your goals. When your mind is at ease, the day chugs along swiftly. 

Concentrate on what you need to get done for the day. It will help your mind prioritize sleep at night. Instead of racing thoughts of impending challenges the next day, you’ll sleep easier. Research shows that better sleep equals lower stress levels.

Photo Courtesy Jamie Street

Boost Physical Health

Did you know that personal organization promotes a healthier diet? You’ve probably seen fitness influencers or nutritionists stressing the importance of meal prep. They’re spot on with this; it’s more than just a fad. Having ready-to-eat meals and snacks makes you less likely to make poor dietary decisions. That has a massive effect on your health overall. 

It’ll help keep your vitals in check, and your blood sugar, blood pressure, and weight will benefit from meal prep. Be sure to buy your groceries for the week to have meals ready to be cooked. Have Tupperware and containers that can transport these foods.

Cleaning and rearranging can be great physical exercise. The motion of sweeping, dusting, and mopping is good for cardiovascular health.

To make it seem less of a chore, put on some of your favorite music to boost your mood. The less clutter you have, the less scrubbing you will have to do. That will help keep your stress levels down as well. 

Get More Done

Productivity levels increase the more organized you are. A crowded desk full of papers and knick-knacks strewn everywhere can make you feel overwhelmed by the mess. The disorder can lead to faster rates of burnout

To avoid this, take a whole day just to declutter your workspace. Grab some filing folders, label them accordingly, and then file your papers. Situate your knick-knacks in a way that won’t impact your work. Put pens and pencils in a tidy row and keep them within reach, but not where it takes up your whole space. Decluttering your desk will help you focus better and remove distractions.

Photo Courtesy Jonathan Kemper

Prioritize Relationships

Coordinating your obligations also helps social health. Relationships are difficult to maintain when you’re fixated on a lack of cleanliness and order. It’s essential to track your social commitments to ensure you are not damaging your connections in and outside of work.

Use a calendar to ensure you aren’t neglecting any events or plans. You’ll be less likely to miss a meeting with a coworker, dinner with friends, or a date.

Stay on Top of Finances

Staying organized will help you keep track of finances. Reportedly, around 23% of Americans pay bills late because they lose them. To stay on top of outstanding debts, pay the minimum amount across a few months to avoid accumulating late fees. Paying bills in increments can help you save money. You’ll be able to afford that vacation you’ve been itching to go on with a superb strategy. 

Get Organized Month falls when you might be thinking of a New Year’s Resolution. However, you don’t have to wait for January to roll around to tidy your spaces. It’s never a wrong time to get a head start on decluttering and cleaning.  

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