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These Are 7 Great Sustainable Workout Products

Working out is one of those activities that are generally fairly low-impact on the environment. Yet, even with our lower carbon footprint activities, there is always room for improvement, and the collective impact of utilizing more sustainable habits can be groundbreaking. 

In a perfect world, everyone could just run outside or hike naturally occurring trails each day for their fitness fix, but that’s not always the reality. 

Sprinkling some (or all!) of these eco-friendly wellness gear into your fitness routine will spruce up your everyday moving and grooving, and make you feel better about the items you use. 

Photo courtesy of Shey Gupta 

Durable, Eco-Conscious Water Bottle

What It Is: Hydro Flask has made a name for itself as a leader in hot/cold reusable steel containers and is considered the crème de la crème of non-disposable options. 

Why They’re Great: Based out of Bend, Oregon, this Pacific Northwest company is rooted in the Earth. They pride themselves on simplicity and thoughtful design while also giving back to Mother Nature through Parks For Green—a charitable organization to further public green space accessibility, to which they’ve donated over $1.9 million. 

Photo courtesy of Avre

These Zero Waste Running Shoes

What It Is: Avre’s sustainable running shoes are a trendy option for everyday tasks and fitness endeavors. With exceptionally supportive soles and a knit weave, they’re breathable and practical for every activity. 

Why They’re Great: Avre uses all sustainable materials, but they set themselves apart from the pack with their social and environmental initiatives. Notably, 10 percent of their proceeds go towards oceanic conservation and Girls In Tech, a social organization designed to promote women’s success and entry into the STEM industries. 

Photo courtesy of Society6

Bamboo Yoga Mat 

What It Is: An easy to clean yoga mat perfect for body-weight workouts indoors and outdoors as well as classes at your local studio. 

Why They’re Great: Bamboo is the poster child for sustainable wood products due to its wide availability and low environmental impact. It’s latex-free, affordable and free from heavy metals. 

Photo courtesy of prAna

Apparel Made From Recycled Goods

What It Is: prAna offers clothing for men and women ranging from yoga/fitness to casual wear to accessories. Their products are also exceptionally soft. 

Why They’re Great: The prAna mission is to do better. From their sustainable, organic USA cotton fields, to their fair wage initiatives, and membership to the Responsible Packaging Movement, this company lives and breathes sustainability. 

Photo courtesy of REI

Workout Block Made of Cork 

What It Is: A yoga and strength block crafted out of sustainable cork for extreme firmness and support for novice yogis to the professional instructors. 

Why They’re Great: Cork is a sustainable alternative to wood, as it doesn’t require any tree harvesting, but rather is sourced from naturally recurring bark on the outermost layers of the trunks. It’s more practical than rubber products as well, as it is less prone to caving in, helping you nail the pose you’ve been aiming for on the mat. 

Photo courtesy of Harvest & Mill

Sustainable Warm Up Suits 

What It Is: Harvest & Mill offers a full line of cotton-based leisurewear for anyone, a super comfortable option for warm-up, cool down, or snuggle up (post-workout, not intra-workout) apparel. 

Why They’re Great: With an entirely U.S.-based supply chain, from local cotton farming to domestic sewing manufacturing, they ensure fair wages and safe working conditions. Their products use non-toxic fabrics, organic cotton, and minimal dyes to keep you and your loved ones safe. 

Photo courtesy of Bala user, Samantha W. 

All Natural “Workout Bangles” 

What It Is: Bala Bangles are 1 to 2 pound weights that wrap around your wrists or ankles for workouts or daily movements. They add slight resistance to aerobic workouts, strength exercises or even just chores. 

Why They’re Great: First of all, they free up your hands so you can hold normal weights if desired or just not worry about dropping them! They’re made of recycled materials and super soft silicone, making them comfortable to use. 

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