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Spend Wisely On Your Next Pack Of Diapers, Bag Of Kibble, And Beer

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Sure, buying nothing at all would be best from an emissions perspective, and shipping can vastly alter a product’s climate impact. To that, we say: Your mileage may vary. 

Disposable Diapers

GOOD:  Eco by Naty $9.99 for a pack of 26
These have an absorbent core made from wood pulp certified as sustainable by the Forest Stewardship Council, considered the most reliable of the major eco-certification bodies.

BETTER: Poof $55.96 for a pack of 33
Most diapers will survive in a landfill until well after your baby’s an adult, but these start decomposing in as little as four months. Breathable bamboo fiber helps prevent diaper rash, and the colorful designs are printed with soy-based ink.

BEST: Dyper $68 monthly subscription per box of 224
Another biodegradable bamboo-fiber model, with a twist. Because diapers are almost impossible to compost at home, the company created the Redyper service: Customers send them to a nearby commercial composter. (Yes, they come with hazmat-compliant shipping materials.)


GOOD:  Hops & Grain from $16 for four 16-oz. cans
This brewery uses a special closed-loop process that enlists carbon dioxide captured from its own operations to carbonate and package the beer. It also makes dog treats from its spent grains and gives 1% of its annual profit to environmental nonprofits.

BETTER: New Belgium Brewing from $9.99 for six 12-oz. bottles
Between composting and recycling, this brewery diverts 99% of its waste from landfills. The company has a task force to monitor natural resource usage and is experimenting with rainwater irrigation and solar power at some of its facilities.

BEST: Odell Brewing from $10 for six 12-oz. cans
The brewery runs on wind power, and its delivery trucks use biodiesel, which emits 78% less CO2 than standard fuel. Odell has also streamlined its bottle-sealing method to save 1.25 million gallons of water each year. It requires a little more than 3 gallons per gallon of beer; most companies use 7.

Pet Food

GOOD:  Only Natural Pet $24.99 for a 2-lb. bag
The company’s PowerFood line is the only pet food certified 100% carbon-neutral by Carbon Credit Capital, a carbon offset management company.

BETTER: The Honest Kitchen $25 for a 2-lb. box
Honest is more than a name. This company has an interactive map on its website to show you exactly where it sources ingredients and what environmental and ethical standards its suppliers meet.

BEST: Open Farm $26.99 for a 4-lb. bag
The nonprofit Global Animal Partnership gives the chicken, beef, and lamb used in these foods perfect scores. For its seafood flavors, the company works with conservation watchdog Ocean Wise to mitigate the effects of overfishing. When you (and your pet) finish a bag, send it back to be refreshed and reused.

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