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See What The NorthWest Has To Offer In Oregon’s State Parks

Tucked up and away in the northwestern corner of the continental U.S. lies a state that is as rugged as it is beautiful, as singular as it is diverse, and as cosmopolitan as it is rural. It contains as many incredible multitudes as any other, yet Oregon remains a mystery to many Americans.

Perhaps it’s because it’s a bit out of the way geographically or considered a little too niche to the average person. Maybe it’s because that’s just the way Oregonians like it.

The 33rd state in the union, accepted in 1859, is synonymous with the pioneer spirit. It was the last stop westward for many a wagon train, and, in many ways, not much has changed.

The Beaver State’s motto sums up this sense of independence and adventure embodied from Bend to Portland and Salem to Mt. Hood: “She flies with her own wings.”

A state with this much chutzpah might feel a bit daunting to the average visitor, but one of the other common traits an out-of-towner might find is the warmth and welcoming that is an Oregon hallmark. 

With a land and population with this much to offer, it may be time for a quick jaunt northwest. No proper first-time trip would be complete without stopping through one of Oregon’s many and varied incredible State Parks!

Below are some must-see spots:

Arcadia Beach State Recreation Site: Picturesque beaches may not be the first thing that springs to mind when thinking of the Northwest or Oregon, in particular, but this region boasts some of the most beautiful shorelines in the state. Arcadia Beach State Recreation Site near the town of Seaside is an oasis from everyday life. It’s a popular spot for picnicking and anyone who enjoys putting their toes in the sand and gazing out at the great Pacific. The beach is also known locally for its great surfing and swimming in one of the various tide pools in the area. Float, surf, picnic, or simply soak up the sun and stunning beauty surrounding this amazing destination.

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Tryon Creek State Natural Area: Enter a literal wooded wonderland at this spot outside of Portland. It’s no wonder why Tryon Creek State Natural Area is a favorite among northwesterners with its lush country forests and vibrant wildlife inhabiting its nearly 700 acres of prime, untouched wilderness. Hiking and biking are some of the most popular activities here, and the park also offers miles of horseback riding trails. Bird-watching enthusiasts also flock to Tryon Creek, binoculars in hand, to check out and chronicle the many species of feathered friends in the dense, second-growth forest. This site is not to be missed!

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Cottonwood Canyon State Park: For those brave travelers looking for a little more adventure, a little more disconnection, and a little more wilderness, Cottonwood Canyon is just what the doctor ordered. At more than 8,000 acres of tundra, valleys, mountains, and rivers, the park is as vast as it is rugged. Boasting some of the best stargazing in the country, Cottonwood Canyon is the camping destination of choice in this area near The Dalles in Northern Oregon. With more than 200 miles of connected waterways, the John Day River system is an added attraction for rafters, kayakers, and canoers. There is nearly nothing that can’t be done, seen, or explored in this one-of-a-kind spot!

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