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Pie & Cobbler Dessert Recipes

Chef Gina Makes Frozen Peanut Butter Pie

This has been a no-bake recipe that has been our go-to for a few years now. Most of the ingredients for the recipe are probably already in your pantry – and it requires no bake time. Since freezing is part of the recipe, feel free to wrap tightly and keep frozen for up to a few weeks.

Chef Gina Makes Grilled Peach & Blueberry Cobbler

There is nothing better than fresh fruit in the summer. A peach fresh from the summer harvest hits different than mid-winter or store-bought. When mixed with other seasonal fruits, sugar and crumbly crust, one can’t really go wrong.

Rhubarb Meringue Pie

Rhubarb meringue pie is a fun twist on the classic lemon meringue adding a gorgeous pop of pink, as well as some good earthy notes.

My Grandmother’s Southern Peach Cobbler

My grandmother was amazing. She was a larger-than-life-character with a sort of Auntie Mame air about her. She loved to host big parties and cook for her friends and family. One of my childhood favorites was also one of hers, Southern Peach Cobbler.

Adventures in CSA: Pear Custard Pie

I used pears that were not yet super ripe. I like the firmer texture it provided against the soft custard filling. Asian pears would work for this method as well.

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