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Our Favorite Seasonal Cocktail Recipes

Blender Beware: Pumpkin Pie Shake Season Is Back

It is the easiest crowd-pleasing holiday dessert you could imagine; unless you are the blender forced to liquify all the sweet goodness that comprise the Pumpkin Pie Shake. I’d suggest you make this before writing your New Year’s Resolutions, because this rich creamy goodness is not for the calorie counters, but well worth it!

G&H Cocktail Club: Bobbing for Merry Brew

Digging into the lore of bobbing for apples, one might wonder why it’s become an Autumn tradition instead of a Valentine’s Day ritual.

New Orleans Thanksgiving Day Vieux Carré

So whether you’re curled up by the fire as the last winter storms breeze Once you’ve traveled to New Orleans you’ll never be the same. The aroma of fresh beignets and cafe au lait, gumbo that melts in your mouth, the energy of the people, the French Colonial architecture, and the music – oh the music. New Orleans is a feeling that washes over you and permeates your soul.

G&H Cocktail Club: Cranberry Sage Cosmo

Though many cranberry juice mixers are upwards of 90 percent apple juice, cranberries are a dynamic ingredient for cocktails and cordials due to their cheek-squeezing tartness and bold flavor.

Mike Wolf Makes Amaro Hot Chocolate

When holiday overindulgence is stretching your loungewear, try a little bitterness. Amaro – which translates to “bitter” in Italian – is a category of spirits with wide-ranging flavors and regional expressions.

G&H Cocktail Club: Ramos Gin Fizz

Tis’ the season for comfort food. What’s more comforting than a creamy, spiced cocktail with just enough kick to lift those holiday spirits? That’s why I was inspired to whip up this riff on a traditional Ramos Gin Fizz, with a holiday twist. The history of the Ramos Gin Fizz goes back to a New Orleans bar in 1888 owned by a cocktail genius, Ramos.

Hot-Sage-Buttered Rum

Whether you’re baking a cake or roasting a turkey,  butter makes everything better. The same can be said for cocktails. Hot-buttered rum is a traditional cocktail for many during the holidays.  It is also the ultimate “make at home – never order in a bar” drink, and well worth the effort when that first sip of savory warmth hits your lips. No holiday drink is as comforting.

Eggnog Irish Coffee

Good eggnog is nothing to fight over, it’s a simple warming cocktail, and it tastes best when you make it from scratch. So the marriage of thick, creamy eggnog and warming, potent irish coffee is a marriage made in heaven.

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