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Nonprofit Shapes The Next Generation Of Women Leaders

The Girls Who Brunch Tour is a nonprofit organization centered around cultivating and inspiring at-risk young girls with education, life skills, health, and wellness. Women and girls in this country face many challenges that are not always pushed to the forefront. The organization was founded in January 2015 to safeguard the development of female youth across the country. 

Photo Courtesy Girls Who Brunch Tour

The nonprofit serves girls who are from low-income homes, foster care, sex trade victims, and teen mothers. There is a direct correlation between a lack of resources and opportunities. The organization seeks to provide as many girls as possible a window to shine their light on the world.

The Girls Who Brunch Tour holds panels, workshops, guest speakers, and live entertainment events. It brings encouraging, once-in-a-lifetime experiences to positively impact the next generation of young women, instilling optimism to ensure they return to the world ready to achieve their dreams.

The founder, Ni’Cola Mitchell, understood what at-risk youth face when beginning their transition into adulthood. Her past as a domestic abuse survivor led her to create Girls Who Brunch to provide other young women a safe space to grow and seek support.

“Knowing your worth is POWER, YOUR POWER! Being an international change agent means I can continue to display my power globally by helping one girl at a time own her story,” said Mitchell.

Photo Courtesy Girls Who Brunch Tour

It is more crucial than ever that young girls in the U.S. have accessible resources and opportunities to help prevent them from making poor choices or getting caught up in dangerous environments. Black women and girls make up more than  40% of all confirmed trafficking cases. The resources provided by the Girls Who Brunch Tour teach safety and interpersonal skills that are pivotal to the prevention of this crisis in this country.

Black girls are also proven to be over disciplined in schools due to premature adultification and are more likely to be hypersexualized at a young age compared to their peers. The nonprofit takes this into account and provides the girls with the nurturing they lack. It strives to educate them on how to navigate their surroundings and become women leaders.

A growing number of organizations such as Gyrl Wonder, Black Girls Rock, and Girls Going Global teach girls safety and interpersonal skills. While they’re all a little different, the common thread is that they all create an environment for young women to feel safe, motivated, and have a sense of community.

“They are led by people who honestly care about each girl and want them to WIN. The girls who come in quiet leave with the biggest and brightest smiles. Ms. Nicola pours herself into every event, and her team is phenomenal. They treat each other and the girls with the u[t]most respect and truly care about the girls’ well-being and making sure they have the experience of a lifetime,” said Niki O.

To date, Girls Who Brunch has positively impacted and equipped more than 33,000 girls nationwide to become the leaders of tomorrow. It also provides reading courses, feeding programs, and holiday assistance.

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