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Naturli’ Foods Offers Organic, Plant-Based Foods Across Europe

As consumers switch to more plant-based food, they need options. More brands are popping up across the globe, with many pointing to dairy-free and meat-free products as a way to reduce carbon emissions. Naturli’ out of Denmark has made this part of its corporate strategy: developing tasty vegan products to combat climate change. 

It may surprise you that Naturli’ is a long-time player in the plant-based food game. It has created natural, genetically modified organism (GMO)-free products since 1988. Based in Vejen in southern Denmark, the business purchases all ingredients from farmers who don’t grow GMO crops.  

The company website points to the adoption of a plant-based diet as essential to combat climate change. According to Naturli’, replacing animal-based diets with plant-based foods can reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 60%, providing more land for forest-planting projects. Other reports by the “Nature Food” journal note 61%

Photo Courtesy Naturli’

Of course, with plant-based alternatives comes skepticism. Some people claim these foods are not all-natural, with chemicals hidden inside that aren’t good for us. 

Naturli’ seeks to differentiate itself here. The company uses ingredients like coconut, shea nuts, almonds, and rapeseed to create its products. It also strives for transparency, supplying the carbon sequestration rating on items like the Organic Vegan Spreadable. Thanks to CarbonCloud, you can see where emissions are generated for each product.

Other products include vegan butter, yogurt drinks, iced coffee, meat-free pizza, pasta, sausages, meatballs, and burgers.  

2022 was a big year for the brand. The Creme Fresh won Vegan Product of the Year by the Danish Vegan Association. In addition, the Spreadable was a finalist for Best Dairy Product Alternative at World Plant-Based Awards 2022. They also added a new plant-based drink, the Do Not Call Me M_lk milk alternative. It’s made from rice, almonds, soybean, and oats.  

Photo Courtesy Naturli’

Much of Naturli’s modern success is thanks to CEO Henrik Lund. In an op-ed he wrote for “Vegconomist,” Lund noted how Europeans were feeling the squeeze of inflation due to the war in Ukraine. He sees that as a chance to open the door to plant-based dieting not only because it’s better for the climate, it’s cheaper too. 

“My guess is that the global crisis will push the taste for a green future in the right direction — in fact, much faster than many people dreamed,” Lund wrote. “So that is good news for the climate.” 

Business expansion has been at the forefront of Naturli’s new business strategy. In 2018, the first Naturli’-specific store opened in Copenhagen.

The same year, they struck a deal with U.K. grocery chain Sainsbury’s. Naturli’ is available in its native Denmark, Australia, the U.K., Ukraine, Sweden, Germany, Poland, Norway, and Switzerland. While the company has yet to fully break into the American market, the vegan butter is now sold in HEB stores in Texas

“We embrace mainstream consumers with 1:1 uncompromising taste and texture in dairy products, meat-free products, and ice cream,” Lund said to the “Vegconomist.” “Our target is to provide you with the food you consume during a day — plant-based only and without sacrificing on taste vs. conventional food.” 

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