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McCain Foods Uses Metaverse To Teach About Regenerative Farming

McCain Foods, the world’s largest manufacturer of prepared potato products, partnered with metaverse giant Roblox last year on a Farms of the Future game to educate players on regenerative farming methods. The game, in which participants grow potatoes, is designed to educate younger generations about the agriculture community and how regenerative farming is critical in the quest to make the global food system more sustainable. It features McCain Regen Fries, which are made from regeneratively farmed potatoes.

“We believe regenerative agriculture is vital in trying to make the global food system more sustainable. If we don’t change the way we farm, the implications are bleak — and we cannot allow that to happen,” Christine Kalvenes, McCain’s global head of innovation and marketing, said in a press release. “Working together with farmers and consumers, we want to enable and speed the transition to regenerative farming practices.”

Photo Courtesy McCain

When visiting Farms of the Future, audiences explore a farm modeled on a real-life operation in New Brunswick, Canada, and help it tackle climate challenges. In the first two days after launch, nearly 3 million people “visited” the farm, spending at least 15 minutes exploring. 

There’s no doubt the potato giant takes its role in educating consumers about regenerative farming very seriously. The company believes agriculture has a huge role to play in meeting climate goals — and it all starts in the ground beneath our feet. 

McCain has committed to regenerative agricultural practices across 100% of its products by the end of 2030.

In addition to the leap into the metaverse, McCain’s #SaveOurSoil hashtag initiative raises awareness for the massive benefits of regenerative agriculture and the numerous challenges now facing the worldwide farming community.

Video Courtesy McCain UK

McCain is not the first brand to expand into the metaverse — an ever-expanding virtual reality social media platform. It offers unique opportunities for marketing, branding, and consumer education. This approach is particularly true when it comes to the transition to clean energy. 

The first NFT-themed restaurant, Bored and Hungry, also uses the platform to educate users on regenerative farming. The restaurant stocks McCain’s Regen Fries and has been a viral success. 

Shoemaker Nike’s Purpose platform also uses the metaverse to encourage user’s well-being. Automaker Hyundai partnered with Roblox with its Hyundai Mobility Adventure, a game that showcases sustainable mobility lifestyles as part of the carmaker’s shift toward zero-emission vehicles.

Photo Courtesy Roblox

As the world’s farming community faces unprecedented climate challenges, companies are moving toward a greener, more sustainable agricultural approach to ensure the global population can eat. 

Education is part of this approach, with McCain using virtual reality in the metaverse to teach new and cutting-edge farming methods. Users can better understand the dire need for positive changes to build soil, re-energize depleted soil, and encourage biodiversity — all of which can keep the Earth healthy.

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