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Dunkin’ Brings Oat Milk To Stores Nationwide

Oat milk fans have a lot to celebrate this week, in addition to today being World Plant Milk Day. Dunkin’ rolled out oat milk at its more than 9,000 U.S. stores on Wednesday! The Canton, Massachusetts-based retailer teamed up with oat milk brand Planet Oat for the initiative and also introduced an iced oat milk latte. California had the first taste of oat milk back in January when Dunkin’ added it to the menu at select Golden State stores. The coffee giant had initially scheduled oat milk’s nationwide release for spring but delayed it until this week.

Oat milk is “a dairy alternative that starts with oats and water, which is then blended with vitamins, minerals, and other ingredients for a creamy texture and light sweetness.” 

The company says that Planet Oat oat milk is “vegan-friendly, and free of gluten, artificial flavors, preservatives, and colors.” “Dunkin’ is proud to stand apart as the brand that democratizes trends and finds new and innovative ways to keep Americans running. Bringing OatMilk from Planet Oat to Dunkin’ locations across the country is another way we are reinforcing our commitment to providing guests with more choices to customize their favorite coffee and espresso drinks,” said Vice President of Marketing Strategy, Jill Nelson.

The dairy alternative is a great option for those who are lactose intolerant, people with nut or gluten allergies, or anyone seeking a tasty non-dairy replacement. Oat milk also has a less harmful environmental impact than its almond, soy, and dairy counterparts. According to The New York Times, “To produce one pound of oats, it takes one-sixth of the amount of water and resources needed to produce one pound of almonds. Furthermore, oats also use 80% less land to grow than dairy milk. In fact, a glass of oat milk is responsible for less greenhouse gas emissions than soy milk or dairy milk.” 

This isn’t the first time Dunkin’ has shaken up the food and beverage industry by adding new alternatives. Last November it added the Beyond Meat breakfast sandwich to its menu at locations across the country, and in 2014 it brought almond milk to its menu. “We’re proud to be one of the first national quick-service restaurant brands to offer oatmilk at all U.S. locations,” Dunkin’ said in a statement.

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