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Dinner Date Recipes

Chef Gina Prepares Us For Valentine’s Day With Decadent Drinks

Starting with breakfast in bed and ending with a decadent dessert, I have a few beverage recipes to keep in your back pocket for when February 14th rolls around – and next week, I’ll have a main course idea for you to round out your day of food… err, I mean your day of love.

Chef Gina Makes A Pot Roast

Growing up we liked to joke that my mom only had five recipes she rotated throughout the week – occasionally throwing in a new idea here and there. In reality, it was probably more like 8-10 recipes. And now as a busy working mother of two (much like my mom was), I’m impressed with her repertoire.

Chef Gina Makes Coffee Rubbed Steak and Mushrooms

Today’s recipe combines just those things – coffee, beef, mushrooms, and beer into a savory, satisfying, and dare I say, sexy dinner with Coffee Rubbed Ribeye topped with mushrooms sauteed in beer. Enjoy!

Chef Gina Makes Valentine’s Steak with Pan Sauce and Roasted Broccoli

The recipe below is for steak with a pan sauce and roasted broccoli, although you could use almost any vegetable you like. it’s easy and straightforward and most of the details will be in the notes as this recipe is about technique… and love! I would serve this with a starter of shrimp cocktail or even a crab cake to make a modern surf & turf – and of course, don’t forget the champagne!

Chef Gina Makes A Two-for-One Dough Recipe

This recipe came out of that same mindset – what can people make that produces a great meal – or two – and also makes you feel like you know some cool secret that professional chefs use. With that, I call this double-dip dough because you get two recipes for the price of one.

Chef Gina Makes Carolina Crab Cakes with Summer Succotash

Today’s recipe honors the southeast region of the country where certain summer ingredients are in season for what we’ll call a long extended summer – more like April through October.

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