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A Garden & Health Round-up: Managing Stress

With summer winding down and a new school year ramping up, fall can be an exciting time for many households. Changing seasons and new routines shake up lazy summer days, and sometimes, stress can get the best of us amid the transition. Here are ways of busting stress, any time of year.

We’re All Stressed – Here’s Why, and How to Reduce Yours

Photo Courtesy Tim Gouw

If you catch yourself saying, “I’m so stressed,” a bit more often these days, a great way to make change is to understand the cause.

Declutter to Destress

Photo Courtesy Zarak Khan

Clear your space, clear your mind. Here’s your motivation to do a little spring (ahem, autumn) cleaning.

Bake Away Your Stress 

Photo Courtesy Food Photographer | Jennifer Pallian

Time to dust off your rolling pin and feed that sourdough starter! Baking isn’t just a pandemic hobby. It’s an excellent way to channel stress–and get a sweet or savory treat out of the process.

The Benefits of Staying Organized 

Photo Courtesy Gareth Hubbard

If decluttering doesn’t do the trick, you can try something a little stronger: Reorganizing.

  1. Self-Care Tips For This Summer 
Photo Courtesy Kalen Emsley

And of course, there’s always self-care. Summer may be winding down, but these stress-busting ideas are evergreen.

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