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7 Gifts That Do Good This Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day will be a bit different. There probably won’t be as many candlelit dinners alongside a string quartet in a romantically-lit local restaurant, no harmonious orchestra concerts with our significant others, and no movie theater outings with our best friends to see this year’s Valentine’s Day rom-com blockbuster. So, while the romance factor may be dulled down a bit this year (read: DIY candlelit dinner, sans quartet), the thoughtful act of gifting withstands all odds. 

Gifting, truly gifting, is one of the most romantic acts. Some tend to think that romance and cost go hand in hand: that the more money someone spends on us, the more romantic it is. While expensive gifts can be thoughtful, meaningful gifts don’t have to be measured by the cost, but rather by the amount of effort someone puts into them. Whether the gift is for a significant other, a spouse, a friend, or a family member, recognize their unwavering love this winter with some of these good ideas: 

Photo courtesy of Pineapple Collaborative // Instagram

  1. A Valentine’s Day Olive Oil + Cookies Set from Pineapple Collaborative 
  • Why It’s Great: Pineapple Collaborative has made a name for itself through its small-scale, American-made products as a woman-run business. From embracing sustainability efforts to empowering farmers, creatives, and chefs from the mid-Atlantic to the Pacific Northwest, they have gained critical acclaim, particularly for their Olive Oil and Apple Cider Vinegar. 
  • Who It’s For: The person who picked up cooking during quarantine and is always trying out new things and exciting recipes. 
Photo courtesy of Eva Holbrook for Coyuchi // Instagram   

  1. A Blanket For The Coldest Days From Coyuchi
  • Why It’s Great: Coyuchi was founded three decades ago and is at the forefront of artisan-made home comforts. Their popular products are 100 percent organic, sustainably-sourced, and outstandingly soft. With Fair Trade items across the board, purchases also give back a portion of the proceeds to nonprofit environmental organizations. 
  • Who It’s For: Your friend or significant other with an eye for aesthetics and an ear to the ground on environmental responsibility and ethical manufacturing. 
Photo courtesy of Goodee // Instagram

  1. An Everyday Item That Does Its Part From Goodee
  • Why It’s Great: Goodee is a marketplace for apparel creators that empowers all identities and gives a portion of their profits to disenfranchised communities specific to the product’s origin. The all-natural gifts combine craftsmanship with forwarding-thinking design and aesthetics that you can feel good about.
  • Who It’s For: The do-er that never stops! These gifts are built to last and practicality is their middle name. 

Photo courtesy of Pact // Instagram 

  1. Net Zero Pajamas From Pact
  • Why It’s Great: The Boulder, CO company is on a mission to be the Earth’s Favorite™ clothing company, using 100 percent organic cotton (which saves up to 95 percent more water compared to non-organic harvesting, fun fact!), a no-frills design, and the ability for customers to choose to carbon offset their shipping process. Did we mention they have their own clothing donation program, too?
  • Who It’s For: The significant other who needs to step up their pajama game from the old t-shirt with a few too many holes in it.

Photo courtesy of Unsplash (actual product not pictured)

  1. Upcycled China Sets From GoodServiceCo
  • Why It’s Great: This new small business was birthed out of the tragic loss of a beloved grandmother who left behind stunningly intricate antique China to her granddaughter, Jessica. Rather than break up the sets, Jessica decided to refurbish the serving ware to reflect its history and uniqueness. In addition to lowering your carbon footprint by buying second hand, the distributor — Etsy — also offsets 100 percent of its carbon emissions from shipping. 
  • Who It’s For: The friend or family member who loves to host dinner parties and roll out the red carpet. They won’t find these luxuriously gilded pieces anywhere else!
Photo courtesy of Betsy Blue for Well Earth Goods // Instagram

  1. A Plastic Free, Zero Waste Razor From Well Earth Goods
  • Why It’s Great: Well Earth Goods is an Oregon-based, family-owned small business focused on crafting and distributing zero waste products built to last. This razor will save the Earth and save you green, especially with its Zero Waste Club membership that ships you replacement blades at less than forty-cents a blade.
  • Who It’s For: The significant other, friend, roommate, or spouse who is a bit too reliant on disposable razors and could benefit from a snazzy, no waste alternative in their bathroom drawer. 
Photo courtesy of Philip Ashley Chocolates // Instagram

  1. Decadent, Fair-Trade Treats from Phillip Ashley Chocolates
  • Why It’s Great: This Memphis, Tennessee chocolatier has seen a rise to fame over the past few years, with celebrities (from Martha Stewart to Oprah) doting after what is arguably the most sought after American-made chocolates. Ingredients are fair trade and focus not only on exquisite taste profiles but also outstanding presentation. 
  • Who It’s For: The traditional Valentine’s Day lover looking to upgrade their chocolate game. Perfect for a significant other, family, or even just yourself. You deserve it! 

Regardless of what direction you go in on your gift journey, or who you choose to celebrate with, gifts don’t have to just benefit the recipient – the whole world can get a little love too. If you can, hold those you love a little closer to you this winter. Spreading love never goes out of style. 

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