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14 Ways To Make A Gardener Grin

Here’s The Garden & Health Best Gardening Gift Ideas For 2021

Spring’s arrival not only leads bears to come out to the sunshine but also gardeners leaving their winter dens to reconnect with their gardens. The only things gardeners might like more than planting seeds and bulbs are new tools and supplies to dig and plant with. Here are 14 gift ideas for the gardeners in your life.

Seeding Square – This simple square template eliminates the confusion over where to plant seeds. Particularly useful for beginners, the Seeding Square is color-coded and comes with a helpful planning guide that explains what goes where. It is so colorful that kids might want to use it as a toy. 

My Gardening Journal – Many experts recommend having a garden journal to keep track of your garden’s progress. In fact, Anne Gibson, known as the Micro Gardener, states it’s “one of the most valuable tools you can own.” But how to pick one? The folks at Country Living back the My Gardening Journal because it has a lot of space for planning and tracking your gardening activities.

Kaleidoscope Blend Carrot Seeds – Tired of growing the same plain old orange carrots? Burpee has an interesting alternative – grow your own rainbow of carrots with Burpee’s Kaleidoscope Blend, which includes colorful varieties like Atomic Red, Bambino, Cosmic Purple, Lunar White, and Solar Yellow. Since carrots tend to sprout slowly, consider planting faster-growing radishes to serve as a guide to the carrot rows.  

Paper Pot MakerThis is a gift for people who may have a green thumb growing things but are all thumbs when it comes to folding paper. Skip the DIY folding paper method and simply wrap your paper around a solid oak press to create a planter. It’s also a great way to recycle old newspapers into biodegradable seed-starting pots. 

Canvas Garden ApronMade of rugged canvas, this apron has several handy pockets to hold the tools you aren’t using, leaving your hands free to hold the tool you are using. Terrain offers a couple of canvas apron designs as well as a belt version. 

Gardener’s Carry-AllSpacious, stylish, and versatile, the Carry-All is constructed out of sturdy maple wood with a metal wireframe. It is large enough to hold a half bushel – or two pecks – of fruit, vegetables, flowers, or whatever you need to carry. 

Soilster 3-in-1 Soil Moisture SensorIt’s often hard to gauge how much water your garden needs.  This simple portable device not only informs on the right amount but, just as importantly, it monitors whether your plants are receiving enough sunlight and if your soil is too alkaline or acidic. 

Felco Manual Hand Pruner – The highly-regarded Swiss company Felco offers a selection of top-notch hand pruners. The Spruce raves about the F-2 model while Fine Gardening’s  online magazine prefers the F-8 (for right-handers) or the F-9 (for left-handers). All the models feature high-quality blades and comfortable-to-grip handles. According to Morris Arboretum’s executive director William Cullina, there are “many knockoffs out there, but there is no substitute for Felco’s quality.”

DeWit Spring Tine Cultivator – A spring tine is fine in springtime or other times of the year. The hand tool got its name because it has flexible (spring) metal prongs (tines) that “cultivate” (break up) the ground. The well-known landscape designer Stacie Crooks praised the DeWit in Fine Gardening, proclaiming  “this is my all-time favorite tool (and) invaluable for weeding.” 

Nisaku Japanese Hori Garden Digging Tool – Like the common trowel, the Hori is used for digging with hash marks for measurements. The Hori, however, offers the added bonus of a serrated edge for cutting through roots and stems. That’s why the tool is sometimes called a garden or weeding knife. The Spruce called the Nisaku the best garden knife and “worth the slight splurge.”

Bond Mini D-Handle Shovel – There are all types of shovels: round point, square, tapered, and many, many more. One type home gardeners should consider is the mini-shovel because it works well in small, tight places, like flowerbeds. This much-admired Bond model was recently named best short-handled shovel by Bob Vila, famous home improvement guru, on his website

O’Keeffe’s Working Hands Hand Cream –There is a multitude of hand creams around however, O’Keeffe’s is, to quote, “one of the most popular and highly-rated hand creams on the market.” People rave about how great it is moisturizing cracked, dry hands and how it isn’t greasy nor rubs off like many others. 

Garden Stakes – Metal dinosaurs, glass fairies, steel vegetables – there are some interesting stake designs out there that can spice up your garden’s look. Head over to and discover a wide assortment of styles. There even are plain plastic ones  you can personalize with your own descriptions.

Click and Grow Smart Garden – For those who don’t like to get their hands dirty or don’t have access to dirt, this hi-tech little item delivers a low-stress way to have an indoor garden. It comes with basil “pods,” but you can use other seeds and soil to grow what you want.

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