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10 Sustainable Gifts For Black Friday

The holidays are just around the corner – and Black Friday kicks off this month of gift shopping! For some, navigating Black Friday can be daunting. Luckily, e-commerce has made shopping easier. And, If you’re looking for sustainable gifts, we’ve picked 10 fantastic products for consideration. 

Photo Courtesy Bombas

Bombas Clothing

Bombas is well-known for donating socks to homeless shelters in New York City and Department of Veteran Affairs offices around the country. For every piece of clothing purchased, Bombas matches it by donating a pair to one of their Giving Partners. The company has donated over 75 million items thanks to customer sales. They offer comfy t-shirts, socks, and underwear, all essential items for those experiencing homelessness or living in a shelter. The fabric used in Bombas’s garments includes a blend of recycled polyester and recycled cotton. You can find their products on the company marketplace and Amazon.

Photo Courtesy Caraway Cookware

Caraway Cookware

A solid piece of cookware that any chef would love, Caraway’s unique ceramic pots and pans are some of the most sustainable kitchenware on the market. While Caraway products are non-stick and easy to clean, they don’t use polytetrafluoroethylene (the chemicals used in Teflon). In fact, Caraway products result in up to 60% fewer greenhouse gas emissions being released during cooking than other competing brands. Caraway products are made ethically and shipped in recycled boxes and recyclable packaging materials. You can find Caraway on Amazon.  

Photo Courtesy Cotopaxi/Amazon

Cotopaxi Clothing 

Cotopaxi has a sustainability-driven business model, with its “Gear for Good”  clothing ethically manufactured and workers being paid a fair wage. Cotopaxi products are made with 94% recycled, repurposed, or responsible materials. Sales revenue is donated to nonprofits helping communities get out of poverty. The company creates essential outdoor lifestyle goods, including vests, jackets, hats, and backpacks. Products are built to last and come with a lifetime warranty for repairs. Check out their products here.

Photo Courtesy Green Goo

Green Goo Beauty Products

Green Goo’s line of plant-based products is perfect for tropical vacations and summertime. The company sells an extensive line of personal products, including sunscreen, natural deodorant, soap, shampoos, toothpaste, acne care, and baby lotion. Green Goo does not use artificial chemicals in any of its products. Instead, their formulations are derived from natural ingredients like aloe vera, eucalyptus, jewelweed, and ginger. Green Goo removes all oxybenzone and octinoxate (chemicals linked with coral reef destruction) from their products. These products are perfect for protecting the health of your loved ones.

Photo Courtesy Lomi 

Lomi Electric Composter

Many consider composting an important part of a sustainable lifestyle.  Organic waste in landfills creates harmful methane emissions, creating more atmospheric problems like air pollution. Lomi’s electric composter aims to tackle people’s garbage footprint by turning things like banana peels, coffee grounds, carrot skins, and other organic waste into soil. Lomi helps reduce the rate of household pests that feed off rotting garbage while speeding up the composting process from months to just a matter of hours. With just a push of a button, you can have healthy compost to feed to houseplants or use in the yard. It’s small enough to fit in your kitchen cabinet, and it’s an easy way to teach kids about composting and protecting the environment. Click here for details. 

Photo Courtesy Marley’s Monsters

Marley’s Monsters

This Oregon small business produces UNPaper Towels and Toilet UNPaper. The reusable, washable fabric is perfect for reducing one’s waste footprint. Marley’s offers other products, including dish towels, sustainably-made beauty products, baby items, and kitchenware that are bright, colorful, and safe for the planet. The UNpaper Towels and Toilet UNPaper are available on Marley’s Monsters homepage and Amazon

Photo Courtesy Scoria World

Scoria Yoga Mat 

The Scoria Yoga Mat is a terrific sustainably-made product ideal for the yogis and the stretchers in the family. Made from ethically-sourced cork and rubber. The unique designs include water-based ink. They are non-toxic and made with eco-friendly glue, and Scoria ships its mats in recycled packaging. The cork mats are available in four different thickness widths, designed for comfort and easy travel. There are also kid-friendly mats so the whole family can get fit together. Shop for Scoria here.  

Photo Courtesy Pela

Pela Phone Case

Consider a Pela phone case if you’re looking for eco-friendly stocking stuffers. These eye-catching cases are made from a sustainable bioplastic called Flaxistic, a mixture of plant-based materials and recycled plastic. They’re durable and shock-absorbing, so you won’t have to worry about cracking your phone screen with a Pela case. The company website is also a resource for learning about biodegradable plastic. Pela uses 34% less water than other phone case producers and boasts 80% less waste generated. Pela offers cases for iPhone, Samsung, Google Pixel, and AirPods, as well as an array of other products. 

Photo Courtesy Purity Coffee

Purity Coffee

No holiday party is complete without the after-dinner cup of joe. Before you pick up a bag of name-brand coffee grounds, why not check out Purity Coffee? This coffee is cultivated and farmed by multiple environmentally and socially responsible farmers – including the farm Purity purchased in Colombia this year. The farms Purity sources use biodynamic agriculture, meaning no pesticides or toxic chemicals are used in the growing process. It’s packaged in bags made from repurposed and sustainable materials, so all facets of coffee cultivation involve environmentally-friendly practices. The coffee contains antioxidants, and beans are tested for toxins before being harvested. Check out Purity’s Amazon page for prices on grounds and pods. 

Photo Courtesy QiSa/

QiSa Solar Power Bank

This amazing piece of technology can be utilized for several endeavors. The QiSa Solar Power Bank uses the sun’s power to keep all your devices charged. It’s perfect for camping trips off the grid, car rides, music festivals, and in a storm. The four solar panels will convert rays into energy for all your devices when you charge the power box in the sun. It can fit two USB cables and comes with wireless charging capabilities, allowing three devices to charge simultaneously. It’s waterproof and dust resistant, so you don’t need to worry about it getting beaten up or wet. A perfect gift for the outdoorsman in the family. Head to Amazon to get a sensational Black Friday deal.

​​We may be paid a commission on products bought through links we provide to retailers. It may also impact what we say about these products, though our views in no way reflect those of the companies that offer the products or the retailers that sell them. 

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