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State Parks Prove Nevada Offers More Than Slot Machines

While known primarily for the bright lights of Las Vegas and the nearby monument to modern engineering that is the Hoover Dam, there is so much more to the great state of Nevada than meets the collective eye.

Sure, the high-rise hotels and faux-historical monuments rising from the simmering desert floor would be enough to raise the blood pressure of every blackjack or variety show lover. Of course, strolling across the monstrous cement behemoth holding back the mighty waters of Lake Mead is something everyone should experience once in their lives. However, hundreds of miles around and away from these attractions, Nevada holds a treasure trove of historical and natural wonders just waiting for the next adventurer to pass through. 

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“The Silver State,” established on Halloween 1864, has long been considered a frontier state, wild and free. With a pioneer spirit that is unrivaled by any of its more well-known destination states in the American West, the diversity of its offerings is what truly sets the state apart.

It has mountains on par with any of the picturesque ranges of Colorado. Its deserts are brutally pristine, uninhabited acres just as beautiful and unforgiving as anything Arizona has to offer, and everything in between.

Additionally, it has an expansive wealth of history, from Native people to western expansion. The last state on the way to California is not a state simply to pass through.

Check out some of the most interesting and favorite sites and scenes in Nevada below:

Lahontan State Recreation Area: A hidden gem in the Nevada wilderness can be found at this state recreation area near Silver Springs. With more than 69 miles of shoreline of the Lahontan Reservoir for the outdoors lover, the options for fun in nature are virtually limitless. Boating, waterskiing, horseback riding, fishing, and camping are popular activities, and visitors can even canoe to or from Fort Churchill nearby if conditions are right. Like the activities, wildlife in the area is diverse and interesting as anywhere in the region, with wild horses, bobcats, deer, and foxes abounding. Lahontan State Recreation Area is a must-see for the traveler looking for a nature-lovers paradise.

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Sand And Harbor – Lake Tahoe State Park: Another famous namesake of Nevada, Lake Tahoe contains a unique stopover for adventure lovers looking for incredible scenery and fun in the great outdoors. On the eastern shores of Lake Tahoe, America’s largest alpine lake, visitors find soft, sandy beaches and crystal clear, deep blue waters surrounded by breathtaking vistas of the surrounding Sierra Nevada mountains. Dive in and swim around the unique and striking ancient rock formations or grab a kayak and paddle out to the middle of the great lake. You can also pack a picnic lunch, sit on the cool grass, and gaze at the stunning natural tableau surrounding this state park.

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Spring Valley State Park: To further prove that Nevada isn’t just a waterless desert sandscape, this state park at Spring Valley is named for its overabundance of, well, natural springs! Visitors can hike, tour the historic ranches that still litter the area, or head to the 59-ace Eagle Valley Reservoir for a little trout fishing. One of the most popular recreational spots in Nevada, Spring Valley has a little bit of something to do for nature lovers of every shape, size, and interest.

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