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Best Garden Gifts To Give This Spring

With the official start of spring just around the corner and those beautifully unexpected one-off warm days beginning to brighten each week, the time for integrating more living items into the home is making its annual appearance. 

Plants, flowers, and greenery-inspired items are a timeless and foolproof way to refresh your space, helping it bloom inside while the outside world does the same. We’ve compiled this year’s best items for plant lovers, gardeners, and houseplant hobbyists, all of which can be purchased online to help make your space lusher and more luxurious as the weather warms up! 

Photo: Rock and Pinyon 

A Planter From Rock and Pinyon

Its Story: This eco, online-based small business is based out of Golden, CO, at the scenic base of the Rocky Mountains range. Focusing on modern and minimalist designs inspired by Golden’s natural surroundings and outfitted with unique inspiration from the owner’s experience in organic farming and engineering makes these well-made items functional and aesthetic.

Who It’s For: Perfect for a loved one (or yourself) who is a houseplant fanatic. The offerings work well in a space that calls for a subtle but tastefully detailed planter to help draw attention to a new plant addition. These planters work perfectly as a decorative staple in any living space. 

Photo: Modern Theory 

Bouquet + Candle from This Woman-Owned Small Business 

Its Story: Sold by popular flower delivery company Bouq in collaboration with Modern Theory, this gift combo is the perfect springtime Kickstarter for Women’s History Month this March. The Bouq’s peach and yellow roses are paired with a jasmine-scented candle from Modern Theory – a woman-owned small business founded by Michelle Tu, focusing on eco-friendly candles that highlight environmental and social sustainability. Tu’s company offers an entire product line of female-empowerment-inspired candles, called the Womankind Collection.

Who It’s For: The woman in your life who is stronger than anyone you know and is always thinking of others. 

Photo: Harriet Langford

Little Book of House Plants and Other Greenery by Emma Sibley

Its Story: Author Emma Sibley had always loved horticulture, and after graduating from college, Sibley turned her passion into a career. Having published four-hit books on houseplant maintenance and curation, her books have become a pillar in the houseplant literature community as decorative and informative texts featuring lots of how-tos! Available on Amazon, but directly from Emma Sibley. Who It’s For: The friend who is all about functional style. Beyond being a cute coffee table book, Sibley’s work offers a wealth of knowledge about some of the most on-trend houseplants.

Photo: Crystal Jo

A Beginning Gardening Tool Set 

Its Story: Bloomscape is one of the premier online retailers for all indoor and outdoor gardening items. This toolset offers high-quality essentials for pruning, shearing, and repotting indoor or outdoor, along with a handy tool roll to keep items together! Bloomscape was founded by Justin Mast, a fifth-generation horticulturist who grew up watching his parents provide greenhouse products and services across the United States. 

Who It’s For: The DIY-er who is just getting started and has been using arts and crafts supplies for gardening! These products will bring their work to the next level and serve as a great option if you’re not sure what plant someone may love. 

Photo: The Sill 

A Pet-Friendly Plant Subscription

Its Story: The Sill is a woman-owned online and brick-and-mortar plant shop, offering a wide variety of indoor plants, gardening accessories, and unique paper items. Frequently applauded for its quick growth and leadership by founder Eliza Blank, the store’s mission is to spread what it knows is true: Plants Make People Happy™. 

Who It’s For: The plant-obsessed loved one may have some furry friends running around. This monthly subscription package provides fresh houseplants sent directly to the recipient’s door each month, which are non-toxic to cats and dogs.  

Ring in the spring with some of these fabulous gifts to help connect you and your loved ones to nature and reap all the benefits houseplants, flowers, and gardening has to offer!

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